About Us

Our Current Leadership:

Grand Knight:   John Russo 

Deputy Grand Knight: Cliff Keeley 

Our Origins:
On Oct. 2, 1881, a small group of men met in the basement of St. Mary's Church on Hillhouse Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut. Called together by their 29-year-old parish priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, these men formed a fraternal society that would one day become the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization. They sought strength in solidarity, and security through unity of purpose and devotion to a holy cause: they vowed to be defenders of their country, their families and their faith. These men were bound together by the ideal of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of the Americas, the one whose hand brought Christianity to the New World. Their efforts came to fruition with the incorporation of the Knights of Columbus on March 29, 1882. They were Knights of Columbus. Today the Knights of Columbus have grown from that one local unit, or council, to over 15,000 councils, as of June 2010, in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Saipan, and Poland. Membership is nearly 1.8 million dues-paying members plus their families - approximately 4.5 million people total - many of whom are actively involved in volunteer service programs for the Catholic Church, their communities, their families, young people and for one another. The Order has been called "the strong right arm of the Church," and has been praised by popes, presidents and other world leaders, for support of the Church, programs of evangelization and Catholic education, civic involvement and aid to those in need.

The Marian Council #3784 was chartered February 1, 1954 by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. Our first Grand Knight was William J. Irish. The council members met during the early years of existence in the school gymnasium of Christ the King in Haddonfield, NJ. In 1960 the council relocated meetings and activities to the newly constructed Marian House on Kings Highway in neighboring Cherry Hill, NJ. Over the past 50 years we have been at the lead of or have been active in many social awareness issues and/or provided a helping hand to these in need through various Council sponsored activities. Today our Council has 266 active Brother Knights. Our Worthy Grand Knight can be reached at (856) 298-1757

THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN LIFE: The Knights of Columbus is unambiguously and proudly pro-life. In accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Order defends human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Building a new Culture of Life where every human life is welcomed, respected and protected by law is one of the highest priorities of the Order.